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The Director of the Centre for European Studies at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Gyampo has raised concerns over the usefulness of the 1992 Constitution in its current state insisting there is the need to develop a new one.



He explained that “there are many loopholes within the constitution that renders several institutions and agencies ineffective in delivering their mandate for which reason they were set up since the framers of the constitution applied outdated concepts and principles that do not match up to modern democratic developments.

“The 1992 constitution though has been helpful in getting the nation to where it is, wasn’t formulated to enhance democratic development but concentrate power in the hands of the regime at the time”.

Professor Ransford Gyampo raised concerns at a roundtable discussion organised by the Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG) on the topic: ‘Breaking the cycle of vigilantism in Ghanaian Politics.
The event brought together stakeholders to discuss the prospect of disbanding vigilante groups and equipping the security services to carry out their duties to ensure non-existence of vigilantes.

According to Prof Gyampo, “my view is the 1992 constitution was not actually created to promote democratic governance and rule of law, it may not have been crafted to promote rule of law and democratic governance, when they were framing the constitution they didn’t have experiences or best practices.”

“Even though the constitution has served us well, it contains provisions that hinder maturation of democratisation process, you cannot tell me you have powers to fight vigilantism when we know the constitutional provisions allow you to work are saddled with weaknesses”.





“The constitution was not crafted to promote democracy and rule of law but fashioned out to consolidate the hold of power of the regime that supervised its preparation resulting in flaws in our constitution which did not match up to best practices”.

“The solution is not with tinkering of the constitution under the ages of constitutional review but a new constitution since the 1992 constitution which is outdated, was just meant to bring a hold and consolidation of power by a certain regime that is no longer in existence, let us rethink a new constitution that will reflect our collective ethos and experiences for the past 25 years,” Prof Gyampo pointed out.


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