5 Ways To Discover A Cheating Partner

It is a sad reality, but the relationships that are not based on honesty, trust, and true love has to break in the end. If your partner is cheating on you and you have a clue, then you should try to confront him before things get more serious between the two of you. However, if you don’t know but there is a feeling deep down in your stomach that something is wrong, you should pay more attention to how he is behaving. Is there a sudden change in their behavior? Is your partner working late than usual? Are they more interested in keeping their phone private lately? Are they having more lunches and dinners outside of the home than usual? This article states some of the suspicious things partners do when they are cheating on their other half.

Being defensive about others’ affairs

When you talk about somebody else’s affair with your spouse and your spouse becomes defensive instead of telling you how appalling it is, it is a sign that they could be cheating. Your spouse might say that the person who cheated wasn’t happy in their marriage or affairs are a part of life and that it is no big deal. This is a sign of cheating because deploring others mean deploring themselves, and there’s no way they are going to do that.

Spending more time on their phone

If your partner is seeing someone, then they might check their phone more often than they used to. You might notice that whenever you enter the room, your partner puts down their phone or say a sudden bye to whomever they are talking to. They clear their call history and delete their messages. When you ask them to show their mobile, they become protective about it and show you how disgusted they are by this act of yours.

If your spouse needs sudden privacy

Something is fishy if your spouse has a sudden urge to require more privacy. Passwords that used to be common knowledge between you two might have changed to a new one without the other knowing such as a sudden change in their laptop’s password, mobile phone’s password, and e-mail’s password. If you try to ask why something has suddenly become password protected, they may accuse you of not trusting your spouse and prying. It could mean that something is wrong.

Working late

It might not clearly mean that your partner is cheating, but if you have already found some clues, this could be the final nail in the coffin. If your partner is coming home late frequently, spending more time outside the home than inside, and going out at unusual hours, your partner might be meeting someone else.

Other unusual behaviors

Your partner might have said they are going to the office, but when you call them on the office number, they appear to be absent. Or they might possess some receipts of belongings that you or your partner never bought. Their account statement might also depict some unexplained cash outflow, and other similar things.


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