A Career Change in 2019? Here is the ‘How-to’

It is a Brand New Year and some of us might have wished for a Brand New Career in 2019.  Is it doable? Of course it is! 

Over the years, I have read several books and articles on Career Changing, but to my humble opinion, I have not yet seen the definitive Golden Path to career switching. But I do welcome any relevant advice, so I can share it and help people succeed. Meanwhile, may I suggest that you -please- follow these 11 steps bellow?

Step 1: Understand why do you want a New Career.

As an active recruiter (I am the owner of HIREghana, www.HIREgh.com ), my associates and I come in touch with candidates (or their CVs) looking for a career change for a whole variety of reasons, such as:

  • Career Burnout << the most common reason
  • Career Interests / Passion Changes (we are supposed to be evolving after all)
  • Been forced in Wrong Career (for example: did your parents forced you to become and Accountant while you always wanted to be a dancer?)
  • Negative Job Outlook in your Expertise (e.g. who repairs radios or old TVs?)
  • Technological Evolution make Jobs Obsolete (e.g. are you still programming using antiquated programming languages?)
  • Change of Values & Priorities (e.g. switching to nonprofit sector- very common in 40+-50+ year old Professionals)
  • Personal Reasons (e.g. family relocation, finances / loans, etc.)
  • Other – such as age discrimination.

Switching careers in any case, is a difficult decision which is wrought with many other complex issues. But you cannot proceed in this voyage without understanding with YOU are looking for a career change- you will go down the wrong path otherwise.


Step 2: ‘(Re)Orient’ yourself in the Job Market + Focus!

The easiest -and possibly the most obvious thing to do is to look for jobs within industries and role-types where you have already built- up ample professional experience and ideally roles where you have proven yourself. On the other hand if your career has become stagnant, a switch would be most likely the right move for you so you can get your career going again.

Whatever you decide to do, you need to Focus Your ‘Switching Effort’.

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