Acute Yam Shortage Hits Parts Of Kumasi



The Kumasi Central Market is currently facing yam shortage as prices have increased for the past week, can confirm.

Price of yam species in the central market has fast risen ranging from 15 percent to 20 percent depending on the demand of the yam specie.

This critical information was revealed after visited the market.

Under normal circumstance yam prices are not expected to shoot up this time of the year especially in the moth October as more food produce like yam is expected to be transported to the urban centers.

According to the market women our reporter spoke with, prices of yam produce have increased due to bad roads in the farming communities where yam is mostly cultivated.



For the past weeks, almost the whole of the country has experience much rainfall.

These market women attributed the shortage of yam in the city to the fact that the rainfall has made it impossible for farmers to transport their produce.

Tractors or vehicles that transport food stuff from the farm land get stuck most at time. The few ones that are strong enough and able transport the good charge more than usual”. Market women told this reporter

They explained that, in the previous months, they could receive close to 10 trucks to offload yam for sales but in recent weeks, only two or three could arrive.

To them, the only challenge is bad roads which hinder farmers from transporting their produce to the market.




Today, three tubers (small size) of yam which could be sold at GHC 8.00 will go for GHC 10.000. Those that could be sold at GHC 12.000 are now sold for GHC 15. is yet to publish prices of all species of yam on the market with their interesting names our readers would like to know maybe for the first time.

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