Angry Residents Demonstrate Against ECG

Residents of La, Teshie and Nungua on Tuesday June 21 hit the streets to demonstrate against “abnormal” hike in electricity tariff.

Speaking to Class News’ Ridwan Karim Dini Osman, Franklin Davis, the opposition New Patriotic Party’s chairman for La Dadekotopon constituency said the hike in electricity bills is killing businesses and has brought untold hardship to residents.

“The electricity tariff is not anything that anybody can joke with. Businesses are breaking down, people’s investments have been ruined, we all pay electricity. It does not matter whether you are a politician, a farmer, sprayer or whatever, we are all suffering the hike of electricity tariff and that is what the residence of Nungua, Teshie and La are demonstrating against. There is too much hardship and if something could be done about electricity bills, it will go a long way to alleviate the plight of Ghanaians”, he stated.

Mr Davis added that apart from the hike in electricity tariff, residents were also concerned with the way their meters are placed far away from their houses.

“Nobody is saying he/she will not pay electricity bills in the country, but where you have a situation where your electricity bills outweigh the rent you even pay for your room, then it becomes something else. You can’t live in a room and pay electricity more than the rent you pay for the room. That is why these residents are demonstrating that they are tired with the electricity that they pay.

“Apart from that most of the meters are attached outside their homes. You will have to walk reasonable distances before you even go and recharge your electricity meter. That is also a risk because the distance from your house to where the meter is situated can create problems for inhabitants of the area”.

There have been astronomical increases in electricity tariffs in recent times. The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) has said the situation is as a result of a software error in the billing system from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), but ECG contradicted the regulator insisting high taxes were to blame.



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