Electoral Commission Clears Air On Ballot Papers In Upper West Region

The Electoral Commission of Ghana has stated strongly there has been no instance in which a political party has been found in possession of the newly printed ballot papers for the 2016 elections.

The commission on Wednesday November 9, 2016 concluded balloting for the presidential race and subsequently ordered for the print of the ballot papers after a long drawn legal battle between them and some political parties.

The papers as part of procedural action are however being distributed across the nation.

Meanwhile information circulating on social media has stated the ballot papers are in the possession of certain political party.

The EC in a statement released Saturday November 13 said the papers the information being circulated are “were wicked lies deliberately calculated to cause confusion”.

The EC said the printed ballot papers captured in the photos in circulation arrived at the Upper West Regional Police Headquarters in Wa Saturday morning.

Read the statement below


The Commission wishes to call on the general public to completely disregard the false claims by activists of some political parties that these ballots were supposedly intercepted in another political party’s office. These were wicked lies deliberately calculated to cause confusion.

Below is the truth:

  1. The printed ballots for the Upper West Region arrived at the Regional Police Headquarters in Wa this morning. The representatives of the political parties in the region were invited to witness the delivery process and confirm their seals on the bag. Some of these political party representatives took these pictures at the Wa Regional Police HQ. We are surprised to note that these same political party representatives are circulating these pictures with such ludicrous claims. This is totally irresponsible and unacceptabl
  2. For the records, the printing process of the ballot was closely monitored by representatives of the political parties on a 24-hour shift basis.
  3. There was also a 24-hour police protection of the ballot printing process.
  4. Record was taken of every single ballot printed and at the end of the day, the printing house was closed in the presence of all political party representatives.
  5. Every morning, the printing house was not opened unless the representatives of the political parties were present and printing did not start until all the representatives of the political parties were present.
  6. After the ballot printing process has been completed, the ballot papers were packaged and labelled per constituency as below, and the political parties placed their uniquely numbered seals on the bags as below.
  7. Even the movement of the ballots was closely monitored by the police and the political parties are duly notified.
  8. On Election Day, the ballot paper is only valid if it bears the Commission’s unique stamps.
  9. We would like to state categorically that it is totally untrue for anybody to claim that the ballots below were intercepted in another political party’s office.
  10. The Commission would like to call on all political parties to stop this irresponsible behaviour deliberately calculated to cause public disaffection towards the EC.


Thank you.

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