Kayayeis Being Still Molested Over Taxes?

When it comes to payment of taxes, Kayayes  are not exempted, they pay according to the levels of the business they do across the country  Chairperson of the Kayaye Association of Ghana, Adiza Zongo has  said .

According to her, the current government must fulfilled its promise of exempting them (kayaye) from the payment of these Assemblies taxes.

We know tax is a mandatory obligation of every citizen of a particular country.

But the  current Minister Designate for Gender,Children and Social Protection has promised of  improving the lives of Kayayes in the country byexempting Kayaye from paying these taxes as well as other promises  of building hostel facilities for them.

Adiza Zongo added that, she is awaiting the one district one -factory- promise made by the current government to be fulfilled and she would relocate to her home town to work because job opportunity is what brought her to the capital town.

She narrated the ordeal some of them go through for survival in terms of accommodation, ‘some of us sleep outside and these threatens our lives.

Adiza Zongo speaking on Top FM’s Ghana Te Sen show they continue to face molestation even though there has been a promise to exempt them

In a conversation with one of the Kayaye’s at the Makola market, one of the business districts of Accra said they still hounded over the tax .

The reports gathered by our reporters at the Mokola market states that, the kayayes are still paying tax just as it has been.
In an interview with one of them (kayaye) she said, I was forced to pay tax this afternoon while i  haven’t made any sales.

The one Ghana Cedis amount I gave  had a balance of 10 Pesewas and I told the tax collector that’s all I have, by hearing that he slapped me.

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