Let’s All Fight Against Vigilantism…. Methodist Bishop

methodist administrative bishop

The Right Reverend Michael A. Bossman, the Administrative Bishop of the Methodist Church of Ghana, has called for a national crusade against vigilantism in Ghana’s politics.

He said the creeping of political vigilantism into the country’s body politic, demonstrated in the widespread use of such groups in the organisation of political party activities, is clearly a threat to the country’s globally-acclaimed democratic dispensation.
Speaking at the induction of Very Reverend Joseph Kojo Galley as the Synod Secretary of the Effiduase Diocese of the Methodist Church, Rt. Rev. Bossman urged Christians and other religious adherents to rise up against that threat.
He said vigilantism was a threat to all citizens since its negative impact, such as civil wars, conflicts and retardation of development, affected all.
It is important for all Ghanaians to collectively guard and protect the image of the country as an oasis of peace in the West African sub-region, he added.
Rt. Rev. Bossman called on relatives and friends of politicians who were engaged in that activity to counsel them to understand the need to forgo vigilantism in order to promote peace and development in the country.
He also called for effective collaboration and involvement of all citizens, irrespective of their religion, tribe or political party affiliations, in the campaign and fight against vigilantism in the country, to help promote peace for national development.

Rt. Rev. Bossman also spoke against corruption in the country, and called for attitudinal change, especially among people who called themselves Christians, since God would judge them according to their deeds.

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