No Tolerance In Ghana’s Democracy… Analyst


A political and security analyst has underscored that the  political upheavals that rears its ugly head over state properties is the lack of the culture of tolerance in the country.

According Dr Kingsley Adjei, the inability of politicians to tolerate each other during change of government is the bane of the fight over toilets and other state properties across the country.

He said one of the major contributory factors to the continuation of these despicable acts on the part of politicians in the country especially when government changes is because state institutions do not work in the country.

He explained that what prevents these state institutions responsible for handling state properties from publishing all  these properties belonging to the state.

The political and security analyst made this revelation in an interview on Accra-based Ok FM’s mid -afternoon show in reaction to the current seizure of cars and state properties by some members of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He said another worry aspect of that has compounded  the situation is the Constitution making provision for the people at the top through Article 71 office holders.

He maintained that while the Constitution makes provisions for the people  at the top, it failed to do so for the people at the grass root level.

Hence the people at the grass root level also doing their own thing by taking over when they are not supposed to do so, it has further led to the mantra proceed on leave the analyst said

The lack of tolerance has crept into the security agencies leading to security officers singing NPP or National Democratic Congress song even though the tunes may be discordant.

‘This has led to some security officers being mistreated because they were perceived to be hobnobbing with officials of the out-gone  NDC government.

As the government has changed these officers will be transferred to areas where they cannot even get service to make a telephone call he explained.

He added that this represents how ‘we as a people cannot tolerate each other when it comes to politics in the country.

But we cannot all belong to one political party because of the difference in ideologies as humans’ he said.

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