How To Politely Say No To A Guy (Pt 2)


Last week, we started an article on ‘How to turn down a guy nicely’. We bring the concluding part this week. If none of the earlier ways on how to reject a guy fail to work, here are a few harsh ways that could definitely get the point across. In a harsh way, of course!

  1. Avoid the guy

Now some guys may be nice, but their persistence can be really annoying. Avoid the guy, and make it obvious that you’re avoiding him. If he asks you about it, you can tell him that you tried everything else, but he’s just not getting the point.

  1. Don’t speak to him alone

Guys like it when the girl they like has a conversation with them alone. It shows preferential treatment over other guys. So avoid giving away any signs that could be taken positively. Avoid the guy, and even if he tells you that he wants to speak with you alone, don’t give him a chance. Tell him you’ll speak with him alone only when you’re convinced he’s not hitting on you.

  1. Be rude

If being firm doesn’t help, be rude. But play hot and cold. You don’t want to upset psycho boy! Yell at him and shout at him. Tell him you hate him.

And then soften up and appear sad. Say “I just wish you’d understand. I really don’t want to yell at you, but you’re making me helpless. Why don’t you get it, I don’t like you and I never will…”

And then, start yelling again. Being overly rude to a guy can at times make him vengeful and quite scary. You wouldn’t want that, so showing him your softer side in the middle of all the yelling will actually make him feel guilty instead!

  1. Cut him off from your social circle

Call him up and tell him that you can’t stand his behavior anymore. Tell him that you’d want to be friends and nothing more.

Tell him that you’re going to take him off your friends’ lists in social networking sites. Tell him you’re going to avoid him if you meet him. And tell him you won’t answer his calls anymore.

And finally, tell him that you’re willing to be friends only if he can look at you as a friend and behave as one. Explain to him that he can call you again the day he can look at you as a friend and nothing more. If he can do that, tell him, only then can you both be friends again.

Finally, Ignore him

The final frontier that will always work. If you’ve tried all of the above points, then this should be your last resort. After you’ve cut him off from your life, ignore him completely. Walk past him, and don’t wave or even look at him. If he confronts you, be nice and warm though. Don’t be rude.

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